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Prenatal Consult

Initial Lactation Consult

Follow Up Consult

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Nursing Newborn
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Prepare For Your

Milk Journey

Anticipating baby's arrival 
  • 1st time parents

  • Parents that have not fed human milk to previous babies

  • Difficulties with previous lactation experience or did not meet lactation goals

  • Parents looking to induce lactation for a baby they aren't carrying

  • Questions about what breastpump to order

  • Anxiety about feeding your baby

  • Expecting twins, triplets, or quadruplets

  • Have not experienced breast changes during the pregnancy

  • Flat or inverted nipples

  • History of breast surgery

  • Fertility Issues

  • PCOS

  • Diabetic

  • Thyroid issues

We support ALL parents planning to use human milk in their infant feeding plan!

Begin Your

Milk Journey

Baby is here!
  • Feedings are going great but want latch assessed, work on different feeding positions, get an idea of how much milk baby is drinking when nursing (weighted feed assessment)

  • Feedings are going "OK" but maybe experiencing some discomfort or pain, baby latching to one side but struggles with other, using nipple shield, supplementing with pumped milk or formula

  • Feeding are NOT going well or as expected. Baby not latching at all, despite your desire and efforts. Feeling overwhelmed. 

We are here for you, through the

good, bad, and ugly.

Let us help you enjoy feeding your baby!

Continue Your

Milk Journey

Established Milk Journey 
  • Away from baby on a regular basis (Heading to work or school)

  •  Correct pump flange size

  • Milk Supply questions/concerns

  • Refusing to take a bottle

  • When & How to introduce solids

  • Looking to add formula into your infant feeding plan

  • Ready to end your Milk Journey

For Clients that have already established care with Milk Journey
Support through ALL stages of Your Milk Journey, from start to finish!

Clicking the "Check Your Coverage" Button will open a new page connecting you to The Lactation Network. Fill out a quick form to check if your insurance covers services with Milk Journey, LLC. Many Insurances Accepted: Inclusing HMSA PPO, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna & UHC.

Virtual Consults

Great for prenatal consults, inducing lactation, pumping questions, and weaning support.

In Person Visits: Kalaheo Office or Home Visit

In-person visits are preferred for Initial Lactation Consults due to virtual consult limitations.

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