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Customized Lactation Support
Prenatal Through Weaning
Liquid Ripples
Liquid Ripples


Every family’s Milk Journey is unique! 

Our mission is to educate, empower, and support you to find solutions that work best for your family to achieve a Positive Feeding Experience.

Milk Journey

Confidence in
What & How You Feed Your Baby
Infant Feeding does not mean choosing "Breast or Bottle"
Enjoy Feeding
Your Baby!

For ALL Parents Planning To

Feed Human Milk

In Your
Feeding Decisions
Changing The Infant Feeding Narrative
Human Milk
Lactation does not have to be All or Nothing! 
 Milk Journey

Feedings Change A Lot During Baby's First Year!

Educated Choices About The Infant Milk(s) You Feed Your Baby

Some babies only drink one type of Infant Milk during their 1st year of life, while many will drink more than one.

Easily Navigate The Journey Of Infant Feeding

Feeding a one day old baby is different from feeding a one week old baby or one month old baby or a one year old baby.

Milk Splash and bubbles in a black background by Daniel Sinoca Follow me on Instagram _dan
 Let's Talk Milk 
"Milk Feedings"

Baby's Primary Nutrition For The 1st year.

Human Milk (Breastmilk)

Donor Human Milk

Infant Milk

           Cow's Milk Based 

            *by far the most common*

            Soy Milk Based 

            Goat's Milk Based

Infant Formula
(Breastmilk Substitute)
Leaf Pattern Design
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