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Liquid Ripples

Every family’s Milk Journey is unique! 

Our mission is to educate, empower, and support you to find solutions that work best for your family to achieve a Positive Feeding Experience.


Prenatal Consult

For all expecting parents interested in feeding Human Milk to their baby. 

We provide information about infant feeding recommendations, teach the basics of milk production, review feeding positions, and discuss newborn feeding expectations. We will also review your medical history, discuss any previous lactation experiences, and address questions or concerns you may have.

The tools and support you need to enjoy a positive feeding experience!

Inducing Lactation

Personalized support and guidance for parents looking to induce lactation and provide milk for a baby you are not carrying. We honor the unique design of each family. 


Initial Postpartum Lactation Consult

Lactation support once your baby has arrived, so you can feel confident and secure as you begin your milk journey. Assess latch, work on different feeding positions, assess milk transfer using pre & post feed weights. This visit is also for troubleshooting any feeding obstacles or difficulties and creating an individualized plan of care. 

Text and email support included for one week after visit. 

Follow-Up Consult

For Clients that have already established care with Milk Journey

Feeding a one day old is not the same as a one week old, a one month old, or a one year old. Support and guidance as your Milk Journey evolves, continuing care through the end of your journey. 

Text and email support included for one week after visit. 

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